Fix that Crappy Script and

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I once again risk death and serious injury for YOU.


In this Sit-down Session I'll Show You How to Make GREAT Local Marketing Scripts ...

And even give you one you can score deals with immediately. (seriously!)

I sat down, hit record, and shared with you the best tips, formulas, and secrets for building the best scripts useful in any prospecting situation (in-person, phone, messaging, email, etc.).

You'll be able to build fantastic scripts that HOOK your prospects like no other, tearing every other pitch your prospects have heard into shreds.

And yes, like the headline states, I'll share with you the most simple, easy to use, script you can start sending business owners that will give you the ability to land deals rapidly. No lie.

What a great start to 2022 this could be for you.

  • 5 High Quality Videos
  • Easy, casual instruction without ANY long-winded chatter. Take notes!
  • Simple and practical.
  • No upsells.



Access is emailed instantly after payment, check spam folder just in case.